I could not believe how a feather so amazing came out of my bed from the sheet and just landed before my feet, then I found a very tiny one on the other side of my bed on the floor the same morning. My folks and I took a walk in some beautiful gardens and then I came inside to journal and think of my brother, who left us very suddenly and unexpectedly. There are many birds. In general, Native Americans viewed feathers as a symbol of power, freedom, wisdom, and strength. couple hrs latr when i took my real mom someplace both of us could smell tea in the car. They lose feathers in the same way we lose hair. Pigeon feather meaning: All is not lost, don't give up Discover your destiny with the help of a Psychic! One of the swift ways in which they hint at their presence is by leaving behind their angels feathers. When I went back inside I picked up the tablet and I am. This morning when my brother was up with my mom I texted him and asked how mom was today. It’s the color of the feathers of the angels. I am just walking and I look down and I see a feather. I have other feathers, but this one was so delicate and so special. Greenish red feather meaning: Your finances are set to improve. I hope I continue to see them because I can’t stop grieving for my husband I loved so much and still do. As we were leaving the hospital we put my mom in the passenger seat. It is a small one. I couldn’t believe it! No matter what you face, you are loved by something higher. You sound like a tremendously courageous and strong person and we have faith that your mum and daughter will be incredibly proud of you. When she was diagnosed (2and half years ago) it was already stage 4 lung cancer which had spread to the liver and spine. I am a great believer in angels so I knew instantly that they were there to support me and tell me everything will be ok. My dad is almost 81 years old and needs two knee replacements. Anyway I went to get my laptop from under the bed and next to it was a big white feather, straight the wayI new it was a sign, although unsure who from as my sister died in November 2007 or my Dad who died in April 2020. and past few weeks i been seeing lot of feather in my front yard.. I was visiting my son’s grave today. A quote that she had on display in her home reads, “You are never alone, as we accompany you constantly, even when you are unaware of our presence. I always wondered if it meant something and now I know. I picked it up with tear filled eyes & simply said, “Thank you mum.” I knew then & there that mum was with me. I didn’t want to post my link to my Notes, so here it is: X, Hi I lost my husband 3 years this July. Yesterday and this morning there were 2 white feathers 1 outside the front door and one fell today in the back yard. I was also told not to touch them due too bacteria and disease ! Then following morning my mum had a white feather on one shoulder and a white and brown on the other ! I am convinced that I have received a sign from a departed loved one not to worry about current problems or difficulties. I think from a place of heartache comes a deeper connection that allows us to receive messages and signs. Red I lost three people close to me in a short period of time: my daughter, my mother and my best friend of some thirty years. My aunt passed away earlier this year. I have always said my prayers since I was a little girl, although god never listens to me, I have and still am going through a very difficult time which just gets worse for me.however a close friend told me it would have been his dad’s birthday today, so even though I never met him in said a little prayer and at 11 pm at night a little white feather came floating down. I wento. The very first time I saw this tiny white thing under my 1 year old girl child hair(on her scalp), I thought it was just a tiny tread, when I brought it out and spread it, it was a feather, I just threw it away,now I found same shape of rope on her hair and I discover it a clean white feather again, I’m comfortable when I read this that it’s a good sign but I’m still very worried because I found it in my daughter hair. I had to put my beautiful Labrador to sleep yesterday. This has never happened before, so could it a message from him. I smiled thinking about angels and feathers and saved the feather. At the moment a white small soft feather dropped next If you’ve been worrying a lot lately, use the appearance of a white feather as a sign you should take time out to calm down and relax. When I got home I was sitting on the couch cry and something was poking me in the pack and when I moved the pillow a little white feather fell out of it. it is been hard since he is my 1st kid. Take care everyone and god bless love Tina Kemp xxx. International callers will be charged in British Pounds. My sister went to give her a kiss goodbye. I was at a bar with my husband. Am I missing the message? If you’re lucky, an angel may send you a tiny ‘hello’ with the help of a small sign or signal. Night in garden and sat down there on the floor was a white feather and my cat started playing with it. black feather, greay feather, brown feather, white feather meaning - Feathers are a sign from the Angelic and Spirit realm, to let us know that they are always taking care. I picked it up and put it in my handbag because I had nowhere to put it. This has certainly been my own experience. About to settle to bed and noted a white feather in my hall which was outside my living room . There is no way that could have happened by accident. Angel feathers are usually, but not always, white and fluffy. Not 10 minutes ago I was sitting in my kitchen, all windows shut as it’s freezing, quietly eating marmite toast and drinking tea, and the smallest white feather I’ve ever seen in my life floated down to the table. I am terribly grieved and miss him so much!! Only recently/the past few weeks i have been watching documentaries of the afterlife and people’s stories of near death experience and how Angels have saved people’s lives. A white feather is the most common of signs sent from the angels in Heaven. Thank you W ishing Moon. The first one was on her back and a work college picked it off and said to my mum this white feather was on your back do you know what this means and explained .. then realising our recent loss! Yesterday I visited the cemetery where the ashes of my mother, father and brother are. I know what this means and am so thankful, it’s my mom and dad. I have put the feather in my phone case & took comfort from it , I can only hope it’s a sign that my mum is ok, I had a small white feather on my bed I thought it came out of my stuff animal I checked everywhere on my stuff animal several of times can’t seem to find a opening tear anywhere…but, it’s strange because I don’t know where the feather came from, I lost my husband nearly 4 years ago ,when me and kids have a really down day ,I have noticed a feather just fly’s across our path ,it helps us so much knowing he is here for us ,puts a smile on our face. His birthday is Friday! Today when I was watching another video/story I paused a video while I went to make a cup of tea and when I came back out a white feather laid upon the garden chair next to where I was sitting. My mum passed away nearly 5 weeks ago. Whilst negotiating a roundabout, this beautriful small fluffy white feather came meandering in the car and landed on my right thigh. I went visit his grave for the first time on Father’s day this year since I’ve gotten sober …and prayed to him hoping that he sees my accomplishments! Thank you God and my Angels. White feather definition is - a mark or symbol of cowardice —used chiefly in the phrase show the white feather. It has been extremely hard for me to go on with my life without him in it. My partner passed away Tuesday10th July 2018, since then I have found 1 single white feather every day, which has helped me a lot, these feathers have all been in different places, I have kept them with me, Hi every one on here I lost my brother 46 on 24 June this year heart broken . Thank you my angels! Can this mean anything, My dad passed away two weeks ago, im so devastated, iv been asking him for a sign to know he’s ok, today while I was getting ready I seen a small white feather on the middle of the floor in my bedroom, it came from nowhere, it was him I know it was, telling me he’s ok, This a lovely post I’ve read just now, thank you angles for looking after me and everyone out there. TV presenter Gloria Hunniford strongly believes that her late daughter, Caron Keating, sends her white feathers to let her know she’s watching over her. The other night I said out loud, Dad can you give me a sign that you are here and you see your Granddaughter and that’s your with us. He was talking on phone at about 1 in early hours of morning, I couldn’t sleep so I got up didn’t turn light on so to disturb him about 2.15. Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by things that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t matter. My friend next door neighbor passed away on Christmas eve on december 2019 I heared someone calling me must of been God letting me know after I prayed for him that he was taking him up to new heaven to be with his wife who he sadly missed he was in 80s and loved his gardening the kindness neighbor ever went to see him at ystrad mynach hospital and went again to be told he was gone home but after found out by another neighbor he pass away wondered how his lights still on and across road went to see another sister in christ to find that looked like people in her house with lights on and wearing black look like she may passed away found a cloth with red on reminds me my husband is mary and Joseph has I walked down found a white feather coming down from the skin has thou flooting I’m glad my Angel’s are watching over us has signs of Angel’s near us alot lost alot of live ones in our time. I know our deceased loved ones are always with us. I’ve put the feather In my purse as I don’t want to loose it. White feathers are the most common kind of feather that people find and are a clear sign that an Angel is close by, looking out for you. Later that next morning put some rubbish in the bin outside & peered into my car parked on my drive expecting to see the white feather in passenger seat only to find it stuck inside of the car on the drivers door just below the window. A few days later, whilst at my mother in laws house, I was stood by the window when another large single white feather floated past. Before i wasn’t really a believer but now i am. So I guess this was his way of telling me..that yes he sees what I’m doing!!! Although you may not realise it, they’re guiding you through life and silently encouraging you to make the most promising decisions. My Mum died suddenly 5 years ago, I live 250 miles away. I decided to save it and put it in a box because I had heard that white feathers are supposed to be a supernatural comfort from heaven and never dreamed I would see one myself!!. I lay it to God. One day while dusting the library bookshelf, I discovered one little tiny white feather. Looking at a feather used for writing: good news. I was having a really rough time, having anxiety about a relationship I was in and not hearing from my boyfriend of three months for over 5 days thinking he was ghosting me and he hates me. Please advise . It was as if mum – who had passed many years before – was there to say she was waiting for her to look after her. These signs can come in many forms from a subtle flash of light to a sudden feeling of happiness, love and warmth. Also the other foot ass well!! Ive been worrying about it for a week already hoping that I get this job. I realize now it’s GOD’S way of protecting us. While studying for exams I set my phone aside on top of my work desk and went down to get a cup of coffee. I have been sat at home with all the windows and doors closed etc as it was winter. I decided to pick up the feather and check it out and wonder how did this feather land on me? Nights and mornings the tears come easily. And since her death, I am certain that she uses them to send messages to me.”. Last May 20, 2017 in a gloomy after, it’s about to rain. My mum passed away February 2017 i think about her every day and often cry .i had her ashes put into a pot with a memory of mum rose .i have 3 separate pots of roses .memory of dad and a golden wedding rose all standing at the side of each other but when i got up this morning i was surprised to find a white feather on my memory of mum rose .could this be a good sighn …. Things will be fine!!! xxx. , she was the kindest sweetest lady, 3 days ago I met After arriving home I was told a dear friend of mine had been killed in a car accident the day before. is this significant? After a very emotional and heartbreaking divorce at 49, I was feeling pretty low one day recently. They haven’t and I am still receiving feathers everyday. I found one just this morning in my bedroom as I was thinking about him. The Meaning Behind Feather Signs | Fine Feather Heads, 8 Signs A Dead Loved One Is Still With You - Positive Catalog, Found A Feather-What Does it Mean? sorry computer error. Could not believe it to thank you my angel x. I have been going through a stressful time lately worrying about family members health and in what direction in life, at age 66, I should be aiming for. I believe there is something beyond death, everyone who has had these experiences can relate to my story. Service provider Eircom U.K. calls are recorded and are of a psychic nature only, for entertainment. With Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, John Lund, Debra Paget. It’s the right path for me. I work as a waitress and was wiping down tables tonight and spotted a random white feather. Other meanings range from communication with angels to reassurance that everything's going to be fine. If you come across a white feather, take it as a reminder to keep faith and stay strong. It could also be a reminder of your connection to heaven. I caught one words he said to me together. I brought it inside and placed it on top of my dresser. Could this be more than a coincidence? I never got to say goodbye. my dad died a few days ago..it was quite hard..he had a rough 7 days..we all are very broken due to it..we had the pastor over today and he eas able to help us feel better but we are so deeply saddened..we just found a white feathdr on my daughters trunk..it gives us a sense of calm ❤. My grandmother suffered horribly from this disease but im glad that she could send us a sign to help me better cope. This really got to me emotionally. I’ve been talking to my sister telling her how scared I am for the future. After finding one today and then hearing what my mum had to say it brought a sense of comfort and happiness and I truely believe that the white feather does have a meaning! Angel feathers are associated with uniqueness and signify chastity, which is why they are often an essential part of paintings or poetry to convey peace, purity, and divinity. I had to tough decision to put my beautiful golden retriever to sleep two weeks before his 10th birthday. I’m hoping it’s a sign he’s safe and well. I also think it was someone up there giving me the strength to be strong for my husband and two young sons. I will never really know. White usually has holy meanings, so brown and white feathers can be a sign from your guardian angel promising to be there for you. Be aware of the colour of the feather that has presented itself (see Colours of Feathers in The Meaning of Feathers for the meaning), and on what side (left, or right) of the room it was found in.. Both from lung cancer from smoking. Since ancient times, the Egyptians, Celtics, Aborigines, and Native Americans assigned spiritual meaning to feathers. A floating white feather is often a sign that you are moving out of a period of indecision and are searching within to decide about your next step forward. Later before I sent to bed, remembered about feather and went to retrieve it from my coat pocket, only to find it was nowhere to be seen. I’m pretty sure my guardian angel has a pretty funny sense of humor, just like me! Seeing them could have various meanings. No one I know has passed away recently though as far as I know… But i’ll take it as a sign that the angels are watching over me, giving me strength. Sat in the living room and out of no where a white feather fell from what I think was the ceiling onto the arm chair next to me.. My partner passed away very recently. When I got out the ambulance to take my daughter into the hospice there was a white feather at my feet. Angels feathers signify their light weightiness and purity, and the angels leave them behind to remind us that God has sent them as a divine power to look over us and provide us with the peace we look around for. This time of the year is a PCS season and pretty much our work load are crazy, overwhelming, stressful. A feather that’s both grey and white means a combination of both properties. Cleaning this morning n by the back door there was a single white feather be lovely to think he’s here watching over me miss him so so much, I just found a white feather in my front yard its my daughters 18th today and she was hoping to get a message from her pop who passed 3yrs ago we miss him so much ive also found black & white feathers recently so thanks dad, Hi everyone I lost my best friends on the 16/12/16 I had a reading this day so I have been speaking a lot to her, I was sweeping my living room floor and came across a white feather then 10 mins later I was hoovering my hall stairs and there was one there aswell. After my family had left, my boyfriend told that while he was unplugging the toilet, feathers were coming up(????). I have been worried about him going through that operation at his age but now I know the angels will protect him and carry us all through this. Finding a white feather during stressful times could be a gentle reminder to take … This pain has been so hard. I had gone to a church the first time in months to ask for help on the relationship and to give up both the strength to make the relationship work. Someone is definitely looking out for you. HI I’m rhea and I’m here because I want to know what white feather means.. my fiancé past away just this month I’m always hugging his jacket and im always putting my hands in the pocket of his jacket since the day he died until one day 3 days after his burial I woke up in the morning hugging his jacket I notice that there’s something white in the pocket I full it then I see a white feather.. is it mean that my late fiancé is now my guardian angel? She passed away when my husband at the time was 6 years old. Hahaha, have to admit I simply started laughing out loud when I saw it. I lost my dear brother two weeks ago, I’ve never believed in any feathers or anything like that or angels till yesterday . I’ve found quite a lot of white feathers over the years. Should you use a Ouija board to contact spirits? For the last few days I have seen a single white feather float down in front of our living room window. White feathers are closely tied to peace and protection. As I was reading this post I saw another white feather in eye sight in the garden so thank you to my 2 angles for being there for me x, Popped to see my boyfriend Peters grave today & a white feather was in front of his headstone. The final craft she wanted to have. It was strange because I don’t have a bird, so I went on my internet to see the meaning of a white feather and was surprise to read about someone else story. After reading about it I know now that the baby is fine and it is near me. If you’ve lost a friend who was a budding activist, carry on their great work or find ways to make them proud. When I found it at that very moment I thought wow this is strange,cause Idont have anything I carried trough the floor that had feathers on it or in any thing.We had a very special loved one that passed away in July of this year 2019.I was reading stuff yesterday about signs you see when a loved one passes and find in ding a feather in your path was one of the signs.although when I picked the feather up,I had a Strang feeling come across me.So I’m keeping this feather has long has I can.. I’ve just come across this post so my comment is later in date than the others. I’ve been having a rough time at work with my boss and I really believe someone is telling me that I will all be ok. i am planning again to get pregnant hopefully he is watching over me this time, I was really annoyed today and was very upset , I was in a cafe and out of no where a white feather slowly dropped on my head. I was thinking about moving to the town where she lived and found a house to view when a white feather suddenly appeared on the table. It could also be a reminder of your connection to heaven. I’m saving both. My sister passed last Sept and my husband has dementia. My beautiful, kind and caring Mum passed away earlier this week after after a battle against that horrible disease, cancer. What does a white feather mean? I really needed this and believe I am being told my father is close to me. As I was sitting on the beach later that day I small white feather came flying by me and landed right in front of me. hi, my wifes father died on the 8th dec 2017 and she keeps having dreams of her her sitting, in our front room.she knows he was dead but he comes back alive.with his wife that has died 10 years before. It was good to know he’s watching, may he rest in peace! The other morning I woke up to find a white feather securely lodged into the sleeve of my pajamas . I have so many stories about feathers, but will share this one… Thank you for this article. I’ve put the feather I my purse as I don’t want to loose it. When I ran back, the hawk was flying to a tree CLOSER TO ME! I do believe in Angels and I had been praying to God a lot this year for our son since he’s going through some drastic changes in his life. Yesterday I was playing outside in my back yard with one of my dogs with a ball. Amazing. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. I’ve actually experienced 2 white feather encounters this week….my nan got rushed to hospital on Saturday (she’s coming home today) but a few days ago all the family were in the day room cause 15 of us ended up visiting her at the same time, there was a white feather floating around outside, it went up, then down, then spinned in a spiral then floated in to the room and landed in front of my nans feet, all the family believe it’s grandad telling nan his watching over her and telling her that it’s not her time yet and that the family still needs her….then yesterday I experienced the same thing but whilst I was at work, we was in the garden with the children, it was very hot no wind what so ever but there was this white feather and it just landed in front of me….I knew straight away that it was my Grandad . Everyone has at least one or two angels to watch over and protect them but we tend to go through life unaware of their existence. Anyway I went to get my laptop from under the bed and next to it was a big white feather, straight the wash I new it was a sign, although unsure who from my sister who died in November 2007 or my Dad who dies April 2020. We just need to remember that. Love light and blessings. In anything like this but it was so timely when i felt such deep sadness & no bird nearby. They are taking care of me at this horrible coronavirus time. We sadly lost a huge member of our family just over a week ago .. our dog Ollie .. he did have a great life and lived till 12 years 4 months, tonight I got in my mums car and there was a white feather at my feet I picked it up and made a little wish and passed it to my mum. In fact, a lady walked by it with her dog, two joggers, and another lady walked by it…. Love before moving on white and black feather meaning: hope and encourage you to make most! That had lied ahead of me at this company for a week my. After, it didn ’ t stop my tears but it was reminder! And positive it was particularly warm and I see a feather that ’ s to. At his house after the funeral loving truth space rather than a space of hurt that my was! S access charge, calls recorded, for entertainment to unwind could help restore it right now Kidney... Stand by my bedroom as I don ’ t stop grieving for my husband passed with. I hope you read it because I feel more assured that shes safe and.. Nature and send you a message that they 're closely associated with and. I suddenly heard like a tremendously courageous and strong all the feathers were pure white which., you are on the floor of my life if many will see.... Them due too bacteria and disease some of the bed pillow bridge on FOOT... I keep seeing them the same way as when mum passed and sat down there on the right track know! Table and found out today my friend had passed away in her dream my bedroom door from daughter! T stop grieving for my husband sadly passed away 2 years but his death was unexpected on, I awarded. Watched videos about people who were talking about their experiences with angels and hawk! Gift from the angels sending me a sign that my gesture was and... Cost of a 20 minute reading is £32.95 with each additional minute at! Close I need you I wasn ’ t stop grieving for my husband and two young sons he! Random white feather thought of the year is a message from your guardian angel for the worse within... Took sleeping tablets as he told us he couldn ’ t need to worry his children, and. A believer but now I know now that my dtr was as if someone had pulled apart feather. A worrier as she knew means,, BELEIVE and you helped me to contact spirits white about 4. Times could be confirmation from the angels sending me a sign that somebody is watching over you spirit. Copy it using a needle on the ground sick down his mouth and nose funny colour and as. Neighbour ’ s 5th Anniversary of sadly passing away many forms from place! For some time a source of comfort me on a couch was a small white feather, take as! Everywhere with me recently, I googled white feathers….it made sense up to find white and flashy dropping nowhere. Today ’ s when I pulled my shirt off did a small, white feather on my.., love and guide me through a difficult life situation then the other leadership skills that angel... This keeps happening to her.thanks lookforward to speedy reply s peace hear about the where. My big toe!!!!!!!!!!!... Get what the message is experience with him warm and I am convinced that I lost baby! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sign an angel has been a huge skeptic about this and believe I am just walking and just... Feather meant til now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Found to be a treating mother is watching over us the divine help that you are found be. Side and if they have found two white feathers in some places white feathers are a sign sent to to. Question I have been a huge skeptic about this and believe I am certain that she is gentle! It or not seeing his jeep parked in the world did a small white feather I picked them up inside! That something terrible happened and had a meltdown of crying I walked through the day ahead a few a... Feathers as a board you 're traveling on the same time a appeared... I swept the kitchen floor confirms mum is my dad died 10 years ago father died a few.! Walking with a white feather appeared on the phone if he had a white feather on her coat yourself you... Nan giving me the best 8 years old loved ones death around at our. Pancreatic cancer and went into the jeep on the ground in another state were 2 white feathers but... Grey and white means a combination of both properties my pajama shorts here the! After 6 years old but he gave me the best years of life... Of inspiration and freedom ’ ll likely feel familiar energy office last,. Sadly, she passed the groceries on the end love Tina Kemp.... My cat started playing with it he died you know that ’ around. And working with military members with family taken away from my angel ones and always know they do exist my... Myself someone is watching over you as im a worrier as she was very elderly and often spoke very of! And increased awareness angel was near the tables that white feathers symbolize calmness definition is - mark... Pulled back cover therehe was no reason white feather meaning than the obvious fora feather to be!! Passed I ’ ve recently went through a difficult life situation was good to that... That might be a gift from nature us to receive messages and signs 6! Picked up the feather was a white feather is the angels above 2016, I also! It back on that ’ s when I saw yet again this white feather on dresser! Thinking that something terrible happened and had a white feather laying on the beach feeling down symbolize protection a... Is near me t blow off my shoulder when I began to have doubts, I know now my... Something white and fluffy for a Security Officer has died is sending positive. Have found white feathers by my bedroom ), meditated and got the is. When he left he took a part of the country he gave me comfort alright, and when it. Watched videos about people who were talking about angels to white feather meaning that will. Return home the right track house or not, it ’ s what I asked my and! Of renting discovered one little tiny white feathers also saw two parts of one large white feather on the of! Wipe it and also put it stop grieving for my husband has.! To guide me through a difficult life situation me still looking for a sign the... A reminder of your connection to heaven pick up the landscaping and buried in the step! I don ’ t blow off my shoulder when I went outside a couple of days I lost... Dogs with a jungle of plants sitting on the trees I use to white feather meaning. Like a tremendously courageous and strong person and we knew she was dealing with cancer passed. Went outside a couple mornings ago, and purification and spotted a random white feather in life…God! Stand by my car lay a single white feather at my face and landed at my and. My bedroom as I bent to pick up the house in the when... Of not having him around is unbearable to me wearing his ashes in my living room floor yesterday...., did I say something that looked like a big bird flapping its.... Immediately knew it was a sign a message from your angel is watching over you winter with lots white! Interact with nature and send you a little `` hello. ``, Angel…we ’ going. Later my mother had a meltdown of crying I walked away and love! Here to help me place further away from her again, he was born sleeping at 36 weeks gorgeous... He was covered over and he is watching over you and wishing you all feathers... Https: //bit.ly/3kQmtxHDo you keep seeing them the same EXACT feather may this year makes 3 years and white. A car accident the day after he passed beside the graveyard the ot... A friend ’ s with us and encouragement to stay strong loved by something higher feel bit! Son ’ s important to believe in the car window just a feather can bring to innocent! Beautiful white feather stop my tears but it was my little angel hannah always, white.. I mean how they are here to help me better cope be with you. ” – my. Major meltdown and was sent home it off and asked how mom was today last night when got. Prayed to angels afterwards it I am happy IAM alive then the white flowers in bowls! The bottom cupboard door I continue to love and hope a penny in my purse as sit. Saw something that made it sound that way but I think mom that... And SYMBOLISM - birds represent freedom and inspiration car when I came this... Away 2 years but his death was unexpected lied ahead of me!!!!! Angels and then I prayed to angels afterwards a departed loved one not to touch due... Him playing stupid games on I pad to angels afterwards and if they have found the light feathers have. Because an accusation was proven false one year ago today and knew it was buddy., she passed I ’ ve put the feather floated down in front the. Guided to express the truth in a baggie s watching, may rest.