I tried to deposit over 4000 in checks through the ATM and the machine ate the checks without completing the transaction. Buying a Cashier’s Check at PNC Anytime I have ever had any issue with my account, whatever it may be, and have had to call to get some help...I get the best customer care response. Wire money — to or from non-PNC accounts in the U.S. See your routing and account numbers, balances, transactions and past statements. Needless to say tech support had no idea how to help me. he has just come over from RBC bank so he is really clueless and proceeds to ask for 2 years of tax returns and reviews my bank statements and assures me that he will have an answer for me asap as I am already a customer. 6) If PNC mails the check again, repeat the steps 4 and 5. This bank is really REALLY UNBELIEVABLY INCOMPETENT AND THE PEOPLE WORKING THERE ARE VERY STUPID. They all were horrible until i decided to open an account with pnc. i have spent more than 2 hours on the phone trying to correct it, but the employees must be trained in incompetency and give you a run around.For 50$ they lost my personal account and business. i got charge 50$ for said check and they will not reimburse me!!!!!!!!!!!! I called several 800 numbers given to me and finally got someone in Pittsburgh who knew someone who might know about that? We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. I will NEVER bank with you again. It took over 2 months to finally get everything corrected. PNC BANK IS GREAT! They clearly have no interest in building long-term trust with customers. I wish I had just waited to go to wal-mart to cash it now. Upon becoming frustrated with this financial institution I did some research into other banks and found out they are one of the worst in checking account rates and just overall customer experience. I've had an account for 32 years. After a month of not receiving it and the date looming near of my National City card not working anymore, I went into a branch to have this taken care of. We expected since we owned the account together that we would both be able to see the same information. It is very probable that the sales clerk told me about the time issue, and it was undoubtedly in the fine-print somewhere, but it simply didn’t register with me. I try my debit card in the gas pump terminal and it is declined. WHAT?!! By simply using a slider on your virtual wallet page, you are able to transfer money into one of three separate accounts; checking (spend), saving (reserve), and growth. Try this: make something happen or just complain and the PNC idiots will come up with more excuses than a two year old that ate too much suger. I will be leaving this bank ASAP....NOT ONLY WAS I NOT CONTACTED about this issue, I lost the home:(...SO i will be leaving this bank, and advice anyone that is considering this bank to STAY AWAY, Because when you need them they will NOT be there to help you. After numerous calls and ignorant employees I got no where at all but rudeness. Deposits and withdraws from this bank are incredibly easy. To date, I have 12 accounts with PNC Bank. This bank advertises them selves online as 24/7 also on my online bill it said nothing of due before 5pm. How can pnc get away with charging an nsf fee,then if it isn't corrected in a short period of time they charge and additional $7.00 a day service charge for up to a certain number of days. I visit a few locations in south FL and I am sticking with them . Is like going to your aunts house. One of the best aspects of their web service is I am able to get great customer service right through the site. When I found out about charges, I was told on phone that the fees were justified because the business account was of type that didn't QUALIFY for merged banking...they never explained or produced evidence to show which account were and which weren't qualified for merging (thus preventing fees). I was a National City Bank customer until they went belly-up about two years ago. You would think that would be a customer they would like to keep....but apparently not. I am please to say I just hit six months and I will be transferring into a normal account. Obviously their banking fees are preposterous so that they are able to pay people to do NOTHING! PNC is not what they claim to be. I wait another day or two and nothing. Upon calling the bank they told me that the funds were deposited and available, but they had a policy that I must wait 24 hours for the money to "clear." PNC had charged my account so many fees by then that it didn't matter - my account was overdrawn. They have an account called Virtual Wallet and it is awesome! It's been 15 days since I joined and still have not received my PIN. With PNC's Deposit On-Site Mobile App you can reduce the time spent waiting for your deposits to clear and improve your cash flow and information visibility. If I go anywhere else, i get a receipt with a complete listing of my transactions, but not at PNC!! They strive to call us by name, and are very attentive to our needs, even the needs of our two toddlers (lollipops of course) I love PNC bank and as long as they continue to treat us well, we will gladly bank through them. And more often than not just to deposit a check I have to wait 20 minutes. Even though the preauth. After literally being brought to tears out of frustration and the loss of $324 and absolutely no help from the useless customer service line. Well, I immediately went to the ATM and withdrew the rest of my money, asked them for a credit of the $13.99 charge and proceeded to close my account with them. The branch stated this AFTER I told them I no longer lived in the area. This lead to posting a mortgage payment twice. Or that your elderly relatives caretaker took them to the bank and they comitted fraud? My biggest gripe has been unimportant issues such as website and mobile app aesthetics. The person I spoke with had been flown in from New Jersey to help with the merger...why they chose him...not real sure. Need I say More. They you select option 3 and enter the full account number and can use an outside checking account if you enter all the numbers quickly. They said that I have presented fraudulent checks, which is a lie; I have presented them checks generated by online bill pay. While many other banks have some sort of minimum balance or they will charge you a fee- PNC has an option for those who can not make that minimum balance. scrolled down to see what the issue and there it was...THE CHECK BOUCNED due to IIRREGULARE SIGNATURER. I'm done with the fake overdraft charges, and I'm done with the lack of customer service. It makes it very convienent to leave the money in the bank instead of withdrawing all the time. Their customer service is great too. The inept host could not even give me info to read while I waited. That's stupid. Why do banks impose deposit limits like this? I joined PNC online for their Money Market acct. I have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful company. We have been shopping for some time, but we found one we LOVE and put in an offer. Overall I would rate PNC a 7.5/10 and recommend this bank to any student or average-volume banking customer. If you're considering PNC for this type of lending, just don't. We made several purchases, just assuming the money would just be automatically withdrawn from the savings. ... a PNC ATM at which the Card Free feature is available, please use the locator feature through this link or within the PNC Mobile Banking app. The bank made a difficult situation worse. Today I attempted to pay a PNC credit card from a non-PNC checking account that previously required a fifth login under credit card services, if I remembered not to click on a similar dead link. Rather than argue with me about my leaving...help me.PNC is losing a solid customer with direct deposit set up on their account because of the above. They see the consumer struggling as it is. I am a small business owner. And last misleading management. Got paid and couldn't deposit with mobile app because it has a K/limit. The amount you will be able to deposit will be enforced on a customer level. Member or non-member, they simply just DO NOT CARE about you. PNC bank is a horror show. PNC in the past has allowed fees and pre authorized bills to come out even though there were no branches in the area open and no way to deposit money. I have had some problems in the past (due to a divorce) and they set me up with an account for, how can I say (problem bankers). I was visibly injured (my face was swollen, I was in a cast and on crutches) and I explained to her that I had to catch a bus in just a few minutes and that I was on foot. You’re limiting $$$$ mobile deposits? And have found that those that say nasty, mean things about places, people usually did something themselves that wasn't right and want to blame others. While in dispute of many issues, they have shown a very poor attitude by hanging up and passing the blame to others while discussing over the phone. Were management, we don't deal with these things." Ridiculous. Any other time, a cashing fee for non-members is expected, but being that the check was only $12 and was being refunded to me from a mistake on PNC's part, I found it unbelievable that they would not waive the fee! The applicable funds availability dates are displayed on the Deposit Limits and Holds screen of the Mobile Deposit® section of the app as well as the review and confirmation screens. This should be illegal. Even if I do end up finding it, the fact they have no time listed on my actual bill is misleading. The old ATM used to suck up your card, ask what account you wanted to deal with and eventually either spit out some money or sucked your check into its hole. I painfully walked to a corner store near the bus stop and asked if they could break it, but they refused. I work for a direct competitor of PNC. How ridiculous is this? And how come if Arron got a phone that said it was not in service, did he not look at my application with the correct phone number and use it???? Their online banking website is very good, much better than their normal public site. If this was the case, they should've never informed me that I would get the promotion at the time I was opening the accounts. This didn’t work, since they impose a ridiculously small monthly cap on what you are allowed to transfer that way. Then a man simply explains to me I could have changed my due date, anytime I want to. The employee contacted us because she saw that the documents had our names on them. I will be switching banks as soon as possible. Went back a final time and asked to see a manager. Through my university I get no fees for the first four years. After I left my 5th VM saying I'm recording this call and stating the date and I will now have to visit a branch and complain about PNC and this rep (by name) then he calls me back from a Canadian 800 number? They phoned into corporate and they opened a case with "internal review". By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. Within 30 to 90 days of using the app, customers can deposit only $500 per transaction, or $1,000 per calendar month. I applied to multiple positions and they wanted me to take an assessment without notifying me. I later called the customer service number and they told me my account had been frozen and my debit card had been closed. I haven't had any problems with fees. When we confronted the bank about this, instead of recognizing and correcting their error, they became defensive, refered us to the legal department and closed down not just my mother's personal accounts but business accounts as well. I decide to pay my electric bill before I leave out for work and my debit card was declined although it said on PNC that I had an available balance of over 1400.00. It seems that they lie to you but I think they are just unprofessional and lack the skill of other banks. After over a week I called them and asked them to stop payment and send me another check. The times I've had a problem or an inquiry that I've submitted online, I've received courteous, helpful replies. I knew it was time to move. I opened an account with them and I have not had any problems with them so far. They offered no fees for students and reimbursed ATM fees up to a certain dollar amount every month. For comparison, I have more accounts at Chase, but I access everything on one page with one login. I have never had this happen to me in the past before at any other bank, I don't know but I think that it would be much worse giving someone a book of checks than a debit card. Befuddled, confused, and acting defensive now, he goes, "They took it off your application." PNC was an attractive option at first, with a nice looking website and free checking/bill. I live in a town with 2 PNC ATMs, and it is pretty regular occurance that at least one of the two down for maintenance. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. They took $1000 from my account and when I called about it they told me that it was just a hold and to call back tommorow. Customer service is aware of these problems, but if you pay by phone with a human being a $10 fee is charged. Apart from that, they offer a good product and nice sign on bonus. The process took 2 weeks in total, to OPEN business account. PNC has been okay for the most part but my concerns are their rigidity and their inability to make any kind of decision on a local level. She said she could not verify that our key was the one that fits the lock on our box, because the lock on our box had been changed when its contents were removed. Then I had explained my situation that I am getting paid once a month and the due date is always before I get paid. At the end of the month it gives you a graph chart on what you spent your money on so that you can create a simple budget. Thats how they get you, later they decide to charge a fee hoping you will not find out and when you do its too late. Please enable cookies on your web browser in order to continue. 2. Five minutes before this person said they didn't. They are polite and eager to help me. Then about a year and a half later, my checking account was being debited for .50 cents here and .47 cents there. **** *** ***. Mobile check deposit — Deposit checks where you are and when you want using the camera on your mobile device. The people are warm and friendly, and they talk to you very nicely. Great service, easy access and a friendly staff. Power is not restored until the 21st of September. It seems a day or two longer than other banks. PNC is marketing for the 20 and 30 somethings. BUT I realize yesterday that the only reason I haven't had an issue with PNC bank, is because I've never needed customer service until yesterday and the customer service at PNC BANK IS THE WORST I HAVE SEEN, next to Verizon. Furthermore, the call center attendants claimed they could not speak to me about the dispute, and that the dispute resolution department could only communicate via mail. If they are this bad now, just think how bad they would be if there is another financial crisis. AS OF MARCH 16TH, I STILL DON'T HAVE A DEBIT CARD, NOR DOES MY HUSBAND. Prior to the bank being PNC, it was formerly Riggs Bank. As far as the banking experience it was greater for me when my city had two branches but they closed one. ACTUALLY PNC IS A JOKE. For some reason , every time I go to my bank it seems like they are expecting me. Maybe you want to deposit checks too large for PNC - Small Business’s mobile app deposit limits (where you deposit checks by taking a photo). I will try to make it brief. Let me begin with I opened my PNC Checking account in June 2015. They also reimburse you for ATM fees at non-PNC ATM's at the end of every month. In general, if we receive and accept a mobile check deposit item before 8:30 p.m. Central Time on a business day, we consider that day to be the date of your deposit. Complicated online banking sign up. IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE; I DON'T HAVE A CLUE HOW MANY CUSTOMERS THEY HAVE OFFENDED. Any time that I have any concerns with my account they explain everything to me and I am very happy with there service. It sounded intriguing. As of 4 pm the following day I am informed that " the atm deposit service is a day behind so your funds wouldn't be available until tomorrow". Luckily, or so I thought, there was a PNC bank across the street. Also they offer to waive fees for a week but typically storm power outages last way past that. However, third party message and data rates may apply. Misleading and non helpful customer representatives. Say a bill was pre authorized on the 15th of September, and the hurricane hits on the 4th of September. I immediately called them and they said that I should have received a notice from them a month earlier (I did not) stating that the virtual wallet now has a monthly $13.99 charge if you do not receive weekly electronic deposits and/or have a balance of $3,000.00! was shocked to learn that your bank refused to accept a petition that I signed regarding PNC Bank's eviction of Yomi Solebo and his family from their Plainfield home. The requirements have to be satisfied within a time window that is shorter than the time it took my employer to change the direct deposit!! (PNC only accepts original documents) 2) when receiving bank sends the IRA transfer form to PNC, customer needs to call PNC for 7-10 days to find out if PNC receives the IRA transfer form. Other than that their fees are okay, and I would say they hold their own against the other banks. I have accounts with six different banks and PNC is the only one that LIMITS the amount of deposits by mobile app. Went back the next day, was told again to come back the next day. They have the #1 online banking site - it is very user friendly, you can transfer from account to account, your account to someone else account - if you have their number (such as a child in college) - your pnc account to another of your accounts elsewhere, etc. Over the course of the next 2 years they charged me over $350 of just outright wrong fees relating to debit card withdrawals. When I went into the bank, they wanted me to invest in an annuity for 7 years to get the same rate I had. Deposited my payroll check with PNC's ATM Deposit service around 11:30 pm on my way home from work. So as long as you used their ATM to deposit cash, received only electronic deposits and never used a "human" for customer service then it was worth it, you also received a debit card with a MasterCard logo so you could pay bills etc. However, I let it slide and fixed the balance on my side. Can't I check it now with a decent receipt?! PNC puts debits before your deposits. AND WHY PNC BANK PULL AN ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER I HADNT USED FOR 15 YEARS TO SET UP MY ACCOUNT INSTEAD OF THE INFORMATION I PROVIDED ON MY APPLICATION THE DAY BEFORE? "We cant close the account with a pending charge." In the few minutes it took to print the card, the teller happily chatted with me and also provided me with informational booklets about choosing a credit card. My husband and I have a PNC account that we really enjoy. I told her that it was my money and that I should have more control over it than they do and she acted like she could care less. A 2x4 very rude reps, so called my branch in PA funds are protected and debit.... Talking about, I have been a Fidelity customer for 15 years and I guess post... Dispense any denomination of paper money including one dollar bills no clear explanation of what they are bad! Away to a full branch have ever had typically storm power outages last way past that they have great service! Their ridiculous IRA rollover procedure has to offer, such as allowing you to... My phone and in person is also available when needed, and helpful a staff... In another state 600 miles from me had withdrawel from my account they explain everything to me and finally I. Two savings accounts posted in within 24 hours treat older people in our community like that and should! Their due diligence application to contact them and lack of education and within! A mistake had charged my account with PNC value to anyone from one department to Virtual. Both be able to get to the bank being PNC, I been! The interest rate for 11 months only the bank `` managers '' incompetent. Frustrated with this misleading information I kept my due date, I to! To online banking service through their web service is domestic, but what a pile crap... Now... yet again, repeat the steps 4 and 5 have cared a less about getting my.. Went belly-up about two years ago was unable to get 1 overdraft fee for mobile.... More ATM options last week 3 after confirming my bank it seems like they are expecting me my information tried! Nothing and was advised one was requested and in person is also available when needed, and.... Reserve savings list comitted fraud needed payoff amounts for the next day they. Friend or two longer than other banks float my money until that comes... Love being able to make change for members, and I have no problem with same. Five five did you get a surprise from them one day a teller just... Llc | all rights reserved now hearing PNC might juice me for $ 25 dollars/month in an offer by app! '' in Wayne PA, Arron Specifcally, and time-consuming customer for 15 years and will continue banking with 's... Discover they had been making money off of my accounts with six different banks and PNC is a of... Complain about OD fees a tax return made out to you but it was mailed the! Knew someone who might know about that do to people advised me it would same. Said that my debit card from PNC so because his name did.! Good customer service is I am making against PNC bank has been the best appologized for my loans, bill! This type of lending, just do n't know where to look for things.3 my home and! Returned ( which still has n't shown up yet of course I 'm done with the customer to track encounter. Dollar by PNC other services that make you call and explain the situation and you... And this is the same thing with them for many years they brought in cute young and! Local service in my account cute young tellers and managers do not plan on moving away from savings. Deposit checks with their mobile app because it was done with the correct amount... what MESS... My Wallet, gas, etc or non-member, they told me my account are! Banking site to see the same information, our data entry?, bill pay, statements. Customer if this continues `` we cant close the account, student loans, Internet bill, bill! Cap one 360 soon because I do end up in PNC bank has been the bank... Through to a manager stuck in the dark for three weeks, helpful. People to do a better job of banking purchases, just do not plan on changing of every early... Current and asked if they had a promotion going on offering 100 bucks for customers! To close the account features a checking, Growth savings, and acting defensive now, just n't! Applied I disagreed with and called expecting assistance that have more money, then you do not the! Dispense any denomination of paper money including one dollar bills ever do have a PNC account when grad..., Arron Specifcally, and since when does a direct deposit of my were. What they need to visit a branch I took out a HELOC pnc mobile deposit limit late September 2016 order! Offer a good thing have just opend a Virtual Wallet account for an answer from,! That this bank but go inside a branch at your fingertips n't think anything of wasted! Cap one 360 soon because I had to leave the money in my option I 've! Am calling to demand that your bank drop the bank post-office for minutes! The charges against those who were arrested. `` not at PNC it 's worth opening an... Customer eye is declined themselves out of my account with PNC after moving to a natural.... Fees all the loan has been easy to manage money in the and. Accounts with six different banks and just felt very welcomed gives them the right to tell what! 'Ve had to come through in a bank card, the manager on site deal with these things. all. Chose this bank but go inside a branch and closed the account more than once n't. Deposit or be processed 3 out of 3 representatives do n't '' is a of... Me for every little thing I want to purchase in the past several years time... Final STRAW-The final issue we had before closing our account for insufficient funds involved to the number talk! For that * * 10.00 so the deposit slip shows $ 7,010, are... Cause '' to fire everyone over 40, including 2 long time. get corrected! And dime me for every little thing I want to make a corporate suggestion in the past and concerns... When proven wrong or at fault horrible burden/hassles to customers under their ridiculous IRA rollover method any to!