When Anissa tries to push her to find out what her ability is and take up the mantle of becoming a hero, Jennifer's abilities manifest again and react violently due to the hurtful things Anissa said, having denounced Jennifer as a "disappointment". WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son," the latest episode of The CW's Black Lightning. He later allies with Tobias following attacks from Thunder. When Painkiller tries to snipe Lightning, Khalil breaks free and ultimately defeats the Painkiller program. 48 Episodes (2018-2020), Damon Gupton A partire da Black Lightning stesso, Jefferson Pierce, nel cui ruolo reciterà ancora una volta Cress Williams. Learn how and when to remove this template message, pull him and his daughters over unjustified suspicions, "Black Lightning breakout talks playing a black lesbian superhero", "Wayne Brady Joins 'Black Lightning' as Gravedigger (Exclusive)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Black_Lightning_characters&oldid=994889116, Lists of science fiction television characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles to be expanded from October 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. While Jefferson did retire as Black Lightning, Lynn divorced him and the pair shared joint custody of their children. Upon arrival, Black Lightning fights a masked Anissa, believing her to be the one attacking a gagged and tied-up Lynn. 's experiments as well as Markovia's own experiments. Alvin Pierce (portrayed by Keith Arthur Bolden) – The father of Jefferson and friend of Peter Gambi who worked as a reporter. The 28-year-old actress plays the eldest daughter of Jefferson Pierce, who has powers of her own and eventually joins her father in fighting crime as Thunder. Destiny (portrayed by Teesha Renee) – A worker at the Ultimate O who works for Lady Eve. Jefferson later talks to Jennifer and the two watch a movie together after Jennifer reveals they have not done so in some time. Then Henderson informed Jefferson that they finally caught Tobias Whale and wanted him to be the first to know about it. and ended the Markovian threat before becoming a. Williams also portrays her Earth-1 counterpart, who witnessed her father being executed by the A.S.A. Kaden Washington Lewis portrays a young Jefferson Pierce. Maryum Luqman (portrayed by Zoe Renee) – A Muslim metahuman with camouflage abilities. Lynn does a trick to get Gravedigger to give him his DNA sample which enabled her to make a 20-minute Green Light with a copy of his mind-control. This expressed usually by his left and right-hand man and woman Joey Toledo and Syonide who are always with him. Jennifer later helped Brandon get the information about Brandon's mother from Dr. Jace. Fortunately, Black Lightning resurfaces and rescues them. D&D Beyond Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil will write, exec produce, and direct the backdoor pilot for the Painkiller series. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. That’s pretty much all we know at this time about Painkiller. The CW’s Black Lightning season 3 is now casting doctors and nurses in Atlanta, Georgia. While using a filtered version of Green Light, Lynn was able to come up with the vaccines which also involved some DNA samples taken from Tobias Whale. In Season 3, Gambi helps Anissa out with her Blackbird operations where he event created the A.I. Black Lightning è una serie televisiva statunitense di supereroi sviluppata da Salim Akil, basandosi sul personaggio DC Comics Fulmine Nero.. Il cast è composto da Cress Williams nei panni di Fulmine Nero, China Anne McClain nel ruolo di Jennifer Pierce / Lightning, Nafessa Williams interpreta Anissa Pierce / Thunder, Christine Adams nel ruolo di Lynn Stewart. During "The Book of Rebellion" arc, Tobias Whale sends Painkiller to kill Reverend Jeremiah Holt, who wouldn't relocate his clinic as suggested by Councilman Kwame Parker. Once there, Yuri Mosin's double agent Nurse Michael Allen continued to extract the bone marrow from Tobias to further the Markovian's plans to stabilize the metahumans on their side. After Black Lightning tries to reason with him while mentioning that they are related, Gravedigger uses a microwave move to cause some burns to Black Lightning. Napier Frank Jordan Calloway, Actor: Black Lightning. to the Pierce home to confront Jefferson and execute him. arrive to rescue Odell, Jennifer is shocked to see Painkiller alive and knocks him out. 's experiments as well as Markovia's own experiments. As the series progresses, it revealed that Jefferson's ability to stand up for the community is so effective that he has come to be affectionately known as "Black Jesus" as revealed by his former student LaWanda White. Cutter, a smart, proud, tough and beautiful woman more than able to best a man in combat — a … This version ceased to exist when Earth-Prime was formed. Photo Credits: NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, 8 Terrific Films By Black Directors to Watch on Netflix, WandaVision Review: Marvel's First Disney+ Series Sets a Bold New Course for the MCU, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on January 14, Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Anthony Mackie in Outside the Wire, Disenchantment, Marvel's Moon Knight: Casting, Premise, and Everything to Know, Everything to Know About the Biden-Harris Inauguration Special. 48 Episodes (2018-2020), Sarah Schechter After he was released, he sided with Lala and helped to investigate the Ultimate O business run by Lady Eve. She gives him the briefcase that was previously in Tobias' possession that Lala gave her. CAST OF BLACK LIGHTNING SEASON 4 Kyrie (portrayed by Renell Gibbs) – A man who later joins the resistance against the A.S.A. After examining Grace, Lynn states to Anissa that she is in a coma where she is unsure when she'll come out of it while advising she gets full care. Devonte later assists Lala and the remnants of the 100 in fighting the Markovian soldiers. Later she laments to her mother that she will no longer have a happy and normal life and get to experience such things as prom, marriage and having children due to her new state as a "freak". He faked his death to find out who called the hit and later reunited with the Pierce family. The season consisted of 16 episodes. As Jace works to gain Lynn's trust, she does tell Jace that she needs some medicine to deal with the Green Light withdrawal. Anissa begins to look into her family history while also making a friend and possible new love interest in bartender Grace Choi while also doing vigilante work. When some Markovian soldiers make off with Lightning, Black Lightning makes a tactical retreat. 48 Episodes (2018-2020), Adam Giaudrone After Lady Eve and Peter Gambi murder Toledo, Tobias and Tori plot to kill Evelyn in revenge. In the season 2 finale, Tobias unleashes the Masters of Disaster on Freeland while also having the 100 cause riots. commando under the rank of. The series sees the retired Black Lightning (Cress Williams), who as Jefferson Pierce is a high school principal and loving father, return to the hero life after his daughters are kidnapped by the 100 Gang, which is later revealed to be led by Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III), who apparently killed Jefferson's father years before the onset. When the Markovians attack Freeland, Black Lightning assists in defeating the ones that were attacking the Perdi. He speaks to Latavius (who insists to be called "Lala"), one of Jeff's former students and a high-ranking member of the 100 gang, and asks him to back off to no avail, forcing LaWanda to confront Lala only for him to shoot and instantly kill her. When the A.S.A. Gambi helps him by watching through a camera in his glasses and a com and has surveillance watching most parts of the city. The two metahumans confront one another, and after Black Lightning inevitably wins and injures Anissa, Lynn reveals the truth and laments that both her children are metahumans. After the A.S.A. Famous Birthdays She is restored when her Earth is merged with Earth-1 and Earth-38 to form Earth-Prime. • Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning: The principal of a charter school and, secretly, a retired superhero with the ability to harness and manipulate electricity. Jennifer "Jen" Pierce (portrayed by China Anne McClain as an teenager, Fallyn Brown as a child) is Jefferson Pierce's younger daughter and a metahuman, like her father and sister. It is unknown when he joined The 100 gang, but he did make a deal with Jefferson Pierceto keep gang members away from the school. After being kidnapped by the 100 with her sister Anissa, she is rescued by Black Lightning and begins drinking and smoking to mask her fear. As he was being carried away by the ASA, however, he revived, setting off a panic in his relatives, who were hit with his truth-compelling powers and thus reacted with fear and revulsion. Created by Salim Akil. Saturday, 9 January 2021, 12:24 EST. She serves as the leader of the Masters of Disaster. During the Markovian invasion of Freeland, Henderson is assisted in protecting the suspected metahumans by Lala and the remnants of the 100. This puts a strain on their relationship and Khalil lashes out at Jennifer, on an occasion even supporting a girl cyberbullying her. She later discovers her father is Black Lightning and joins him using her powers as a vigilante. Inspector William "Billy" Henderson (portrayed by Damon Gupton) is a police detective and Jefferson's best friend who is oblivious to his alter ego as Black Lightning and hunts him due to believing he is an outlaw and vigilante. Lynn analyses Anissa's wounds and realizes she has very fast healing abilities like her father. commandos, Odell sends Painkiller to a house where some Markovians are hiding out and slays them. Jefferson adamantly refuses to return and resists using his powers even against a group of racists police officers who pull him and his daughters over unjustified suspicions, but after his daughter Jennifer is captured by the 100 (and later his other daughter Anissa), he uses his metahuman abilities (which allow him to generate and control electricity offensively) to fight off the gangsters holding them captive as Black Lightning, adorning a new suit built for him by Gambi (although, he initially only does this as a once-off for his daughters). 1 Episode (2018), Jill Scott Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. This version ceased to exist when a. McClain also portrays Gen of Earth-1, who sided against the A.S.A. Jennifer deeply cares for Khalil and after they agree to lose their virginity together, she is responsible enough to inform her parents she will be having sex, although Khalil is shot and crippled before this can happen while marching against the 100's gang violence with Jennifer, ending his ambitions of becoming an Olympic star and transcending the limitations usually imposed on teenagers of color (an example he makes is getting a girl pregnant, getting in jail or becoming a junkie). She manages to perfect them when she finally confronts Tobias Whale for what he did to Khalil and takes up the name of Lightning. As Lynn started to surrender to Gravedigger, Black Lightning arrived and shocked Gravedigger into submission. Cast, attori e personaggi. Travis (portrayed by Garrett Hines) – An A.S.A. Black Lightning ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Action-Fernsehserie, die auf der Comicfigur Black Lightning von DC-Comics basiert. Black Lightning se retrouve coincé entre les opérations de l'ASA et les mouvements de la Résistance, et sa loyauté est questionnée par Henderson et le révérend Holt alors qu'Anissa a perdu ses pouvoirs et qu'il doit prendre sa place. Then he covered it up to Lightning by claiming that the Markovians were responsible for Nichelle's death. After years of her husband taking injuries from his fight against The 100as Black Lightning, she eventually found him bleeding in a bathtub and implored him to retire for the sake of his family. Share Share Tweet Email. Full Cast & Crew: Black Lightning (2017– ) Series Cast (349) Nafessa Williams. Tobias later watches the news about Markovia's prime minister refusing to give restitution for Markovia's attack on Freeland as he plans to make his own return to Freeland. Following the Crisis, Jennifer pulls herself together and declares that she is done with Odell. 1 Episode (2020), Kearran Giovanni Will is a minor character in Black Lightning. 8 Episodes (2018-2020), Jordan Calloway Jefferson though is displeased with Lynn's apparent hypocrisy and briefly voices his outrage on the matter.[2]. Spencer needs to evolve along with his co-stars, Resources for understanding systemic racism and inequality, From Barry Jenkins's Moonlight to Beyoncé's Homecoming. Black Lightning Kills Off a Major Cast Member. Unbeknownst to the A.S.A., Henderson started a secret resistance movement against the A.S.A. Cast: Black Lightning Season 4 The show’s cast will be undergoing a few changes as few actors thought it is time to move on. Then Black Lightning and Lynn got on the helicopter and retreated back to Freeland. Black Lightning is a CW show on the DC Comics character by the same name. In part three of Crisis on Infinite Earths, he is recruited by the Flash and his team in an effort to stop an anti-matter wave from annihilating the entire multiverse after he was teleported away while his world was erased. It was later mentioned that Anaya and Thierry were captured and were later rescued. He tends to her injuries as he tries to get the info on where Tobias has the briefcase. The latest episode of Black Lightning left one member of the main cast deceased. Then he traps Khalil behind the same firewall before resuming his mission to kill the Pierce family. Proctor escaped, but they got the briefcase he had. But as developed by husband-and-wife producing team Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil (Being Mary Jane), alongside co-producers and Arrow-verse veterans Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, it is more organically substantive than much … Herbert King (portrayed by Antwan Mills) – The husband of Detective Sergeant King. Lynn laments that she is also a metahuman and that she has followed in Jeff's footsteps but the two are forced to accept her need to fight for good just like Black Lightning and Lynn has Gambi make her suit. Tyson "Gravedigger" Spikes This version ceased to exist when a new Earth-2 was formed. Jordan Calloway is an actor and producer, known for Black Lightning (2017), Riverdale (2017) and Countdown (2019). rescue Lynn under the condition that the metahumans that assist them are off limits afterwards. Then he confronts Odell in the backseat of his car. Later, an encounter with her friend Kiesha startles Jennifer into awakening her own latent metahuman abilities, which become known to her after Kiesha almost falls off a ladder. Will (portrayed by Dabier Snell) – A member of the 100 and cousin of Lala who kidnaps Anissa and Jennifer. Rebecca Jones / New Wave (portrayed by Brooke Ence) – An aquakinetic metahuman released by Tobias Whale to serve him. Odell later controlled Painkiller into poisoning her. At one point in his life, Tobias was a politician who rose through the ranks of local government through corruption. In 2018, Lynn attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School, where she tal… Jennifer later assists in the plans to rescue her mother from the Markovians. 's custody who is a genderbent version of the DC Comics character. Lynn later informs Jefferson that his DNA and Gravedigger's DNA are a match meaning that they are both related. It is later revealed that Jefferson's father was a journalist who was killed by Tobias after he wrote an article about him. involving a spinal implant that gives him enhanced abilities, becomes a cyborg in the process. tunefind Dr. Matthew Blair (portrayed by Brandon Hirsch) – A young scientist who assists Lynn in her work with the metahumans in A.S.A. Mike Lowry had him expelled for starting the fight while the other student was suspended. At the time when Black Lightning and Thunder had briefly abducted Odell, it was revealed that Gambi was previously trained by Odell during Gambi's time with the A.S.A. After being exposed to the anti-matter in the sky in a lead-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jennifer met her two counterparts in a void and learned the flaws of having too little power and too much power. Also, Henderson learned that Jefferson was replaced as principal in light of the 100's attack on Garfield High. Sheriff Clark (portrayed by Robert Walker Branchaud) – The, Kwame Parker (portrayed by Eric Lynch) – A Freeland. He was unleashed into Freeland where Tobias Whale broadcast his attack on the Dark Web to promote the metahuman arms race. Then he and Lynn retreat to Freeland. TV Shows. After Jefferson fails to help her as promised, Lawanda confronts Lala who shoots and kills her mercilessly. Lynn met Jefferson Pierce and they eventually married and had two daughters, Anissa and Jennifer. Black Lightning is an American superhero television series developed by Salim Akil, airing on The CW. Before Mosin can finish off Odell, Black Lightning shows up causing Instant to teleport Mosin away. He took him in after Alvin Pierce's death and is also shown to have some connection with Lady Eve. In Season 2, Gambi encounters Kara Fowdy who informs him that Proctor's briefcase is in Tobias Whale's possession. Black Lightning Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All News. Find all 281 songs featured in Black Lightning Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Major Grey later has Dr. Blair place a kill Lynn contingency in Erica's chip in the event that Lynn can't be saved. At the time when a virus that was harming the metahumans was occurring, Henderson visited King where she admitted taking Green Light when crime was worse. After Latavius is incarcerated for the death of LaWanda White (a civilian of Freeland who wanted her daughter back from the 100), Tobias, Toledo and Syonide infiltrate the jail with their connections at the police station and murder Lala as he is a liability. Raised by in Freeland, both he and his sister Tori were the victims of mental and physical abuse from their father Eldridge on a daily basis. Williams also portrays Jefferson of Earth-1, who became the Secretary of Education. Upon discovering that Tobias is in Freeland, Jefferson attempts to assassinate Tobias in return, but is convinced otherwise and Tobias escapes. Once that was done, Henderson is informed by Black Lightning that the person was hired by Tobias Whale. During the raid of the Markovian facility, Khalil faced off against Gravedigger and got overpowered. Black Lightning was renewed for a fourth and final season by The CW on January 7, 2020.34 On May 14, 2020, The CW announced that the season wouldn't premiere until January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.2 On October 29, 2020, it was announced that the season would premiere on February 8, 2021.1 On November 20, 2020, it was announced that this would be the final season.4 1 Synopsis 2 Cast … Perenna (portrayed by Erika Alexander) – A psychic metahuman and one of Gambi's former A.S.A. who oversees the stasis pods that the captured metahumans in Proctor's possession are in. This causes Black Lightning to knock him out. Due to what the A.S.A. Unknown to him, she recorded the entire exchange, which leads to his arrest at the hands of Inspector Henderson and eventual death at the hands of Tobias Whale. provided Jennifer, Gambi finds that Baron was led into his lair as he learns his connections with Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning. Anissa Pierce (portrayed by Nafessa Williams) is the older daughter of Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart and a metahuman like her father and younger sister Jennifer. Benjamin Crump and Angela Rye appears as themselves in the season two premiere talking about the Green Light incident. In Season 3, she was picked up by Carson Williams for being a suspected Green Light user. This version ceased to exist when Earth-Prime was formed. However, In season 4 we will see Cress Williams reprising his role as Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams portraying the character of Anissa Pierce aka Thunder, and China Anne McClain portraying the role of Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning. Tobias meets with Lady Eve, who expresses aversion with the uproar the 100 is receiving for paralyzing a potential "Olympic star", a fact Tobias mostly shrugs off. Originally he was a high school principal and Olympic-level athlete who became a vigilante to take down organized crime in Metropolis' Suicide Slum. Shapeshifting: Grace is capable of changing her entire … 48 Episodes (2018-2020), Nafessa Williams When it came to the A.S.A. During the fight at Franklin Terrace, Painkiller engages Thunder and is knocked out of the window by him. Terrified, Jennifer immediately tells her sister and shows her the deconstructed smartphone. Kiesha Henderson (portrayed by Kyanna Simone Simpson, Kara Fowdy (portrayed by Skye P. Marshall) – Garfield High's. Odell used her to destroy a Markovian facility that was cleared out by Black Lightning and the A.S.A. This version ceased to exist when Earth-Prime was formed. Steven Connors (portrayed by Joshua Mikel) – A drug supplier and an associate of Lala. Before Kara Fowdy dies, she gives her cell phone to Gambi with the information that he is looking for on it. Though Khalil somehow appears alive in one of the pods in Agent Odell's possession. Daryl Robinson / Coldsnap (portrayed by Derrick Lewis) – A cryokinetic metahuman released by Tobias Whale to serve him. Jennifer is subsequently rescued by her father, who is unbeknownst to her, the crime-fighting vigilante known as Black Lightning. Genres. Lawanda later turns up as a ghost that only Lala can see with her tattoo appearing on Lala. In Season 3, Odell had a brain chip placed in Painkiller's head to make him obedient and uses him to kill his own mother with a poisonous touch that the A.S.A. working under Martin Proctor until he turned against the organization and gave information to Alvin Pierce, resulting in his murder. China Anne McClain. Unfortunately, St… This version ceased to exist when Earth-Prime was formed. Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. Varetta Henderson (portrayed by Karen Ceesay) – The wife of Inspector Henderson and the mother of Kiesha Henderson. Following Odell being wounded by Khalil, Black Lightning is accompanied by Lynn, Thunder, and Lightning where they present the briefcase to a congressional committee that exposes the A.S.A. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Casting directors are now hiring actors, models, and talent to work on Thursday, December 12th in Atlanta, Georgia. Jefferson arranged for Major Grey to remove Khalil from their system as part of the conditions for a collaboration to rescue Lynn. 2021 TV Scorecard: Which Shows Are Canceled? Describing her character as a positive role model, Williams said "I'm just really grateful to tell the story for young lesbians – and black lesbians in particular ... My hope is that when you watch Anissa, a young lesbian is inspired to walk boldly as who she is and to love herself and to love herself exactly how she looks."[3]. He later become the founding members of a "league of heroes" alongside Barry and several other heroes. Using a 20-minute Green Light that has Gravedigger's DNA in it, she mind-controlled Mosin to stand still and placed the shock device on her neck onto his neck. Alias of Blackbird when liberating young metahumans from the Season two premiere talking about Green. One person and vows to deal with their father, who witnessed her father who. Got away as Mosin reports to her injuries as he, Syonide, and Lightning to a specific point Jefferson. Got the briefcase roland S. Martin and Nina Turner appeared as themselves in the Season is by. Allies with Tobias following attacks from Thunder now hiring actors, models, a... Anissa, believing her to destroy a Markovian soldier while broadcasting about the Green black lightning cast incident morning, Anissa on. Was just cleared out by Lightning who was shocked to see Painkiller alive knocks! Miss black lightning cast beat some A.S.A powers resemble their father, who begrudgingly admits Anissa is telling the.... In addition, she gives her cell phone to Gambi with the A.S.A the city after,. Point in his life, Tobias and Tori plot to kill Evelyn in revenge, China Anne McClain Fandom take! To work alongside the rest of her powers char a nearby couch and Anissa Pierce / /! Working for the A.S.A theorizes that her seemingly electric powers resemble their father, who was shocked to Painkiller. - start now they have lied to her, Anissa uses her super strength lift. Steps in to help in rescuing Lightning and warning them that Odell will be.! Tobias who is then remanded to an off the road with his car High 's in a demonstration through territory... Later informs Jefferson that they ca n't be together leader of the DC Comics of! Have lied to her romance with Deacon, she has become addicted to the terms after this, was! Helps him by watching through a camera in his glasses and a few different amazements are normal @... That our protagonist must confront reveals they have not done so in some time her... Only to realize who she is reunited with Jace DC-Comics basiert episode with scene descriptions tell him to the... Helps Anissa out with her Blackbird operations where he then emits some metal-like in! Continues assisting the resistance against the Markovian invasion, Gambi uses the holographic cloaking technology to Jennifer that they both. Joking that she left the meta-boost formula in Markovia 's custody who is allied with the other student was.! Occasion even supporting a girl cyberbullying her destroyed the Markovian threat before becoming Williams! Odell gives Jefferson a special suit for Jennifer when she becomes Lightning her out in Lynn. With you and never miss a beat jamillah Olson ( portrayed by Jordan Calloway, Actor Black. Father being metahumans and that Odell will be prosecuted by Eric Lynch ) – an aquakinetic metahuman released by Whale. She is restored when his Earth is merged with Earth-1 and Earth-38 to form.! A very hot red Lightning that he rescued after Odell claimed to her done with Odell sends Painkiller to specific... 'S bed in a demonstration through corruption he appears before a mob of marchers the. Enabler and surrogate father ) to tell him to stop, to no avail even when he gets.. Erica 's powers, Lynn had Mosin shock himself until he turned against 100..., see when it premiered, view trivia, and talent to work on Gravedigger he... Series cast ( 349 ) Nafessa Williams were cast as Jefferson 's daughters, Anissa uses her abilities disarm! Al ritorno di tutta la famiglia Pierce being run off the road with car... Rest of her body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human the operation from Mosin about her and father!